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Brooklynite Goes Upstate With Neighbors To Get Away From Them

A Brooklynite who needs a few days off from his neighbors and neighborhood has decided to go upstate with them. Wishing to remove himself from the traffic, grind and hustle and bustle of city life, he will be relocating to the mountains, along with his family along with everyone else in his neighborhood.

His Brooklyn neighborhood will virtually be transplanted in the Catskill mountains for much needed respite. Respite for who remains unclear. The transplant will be complete with long lines for decent food, heavy traffic and little to no parking.

"It gives us an opportunity to get away from each other, with each other if you know what we mean. City life could be crowded and taxing and this is just a way of getting away from the city and moving all of the real city headaches to the country", one Summer Catskill resident was quoted as saying.

Many people in Brooklyn who access the very efficient public transport don't get to spend considerable amounts of time in the car in traffic jams and going to the country allows for that experience too.

Catskill traveler Joe Mosheson was quoted as saying, "Usually you have to go the pizza store in Brooklyn or 7-11 to get a fountain soda but now there is the luxury of traveling 70 miles to get a fountain soda from a gas station and travel stop."

While the city remains deserted for many weekends in the Summer with the streets, market places and general traffic at a very minimum, many people still prefer the early shabbos morning shrieking from myriads of children in crowded bungalow colonies.

"It is great to get away from routine from time to time and enjoy the insects, bugs and insect repellent, it makes us appreciate our neighbors, even more, when we get back to the city a day or two before them."

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