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Tznius Police Arrest 5 in Raid

The Tznius Police have been cracking down on misdemeanors and other non-compliance over the summer.In a show of force, in the early hours of Sunday morning they made 5 arrests (names withheld) on the streets of Brooklyn in connection with Tznius infringements.

The Tznius police were quick to point out that 3 out of the 5 that were arrested were men.

Tznius Police spokesperson Moshe Langzeklach said:

"We often hear complaints that we only crack down on women, we wanted to show that the Tznius Police do not have any biased towards any group in our society."

The arrests have left many community members uneasy but Langzeklach said there is a need for calm:

"We don't make the rules we simply enforce them, if community members abide by the rules there will be no reason to take any further action".

Confusion has been common in many communities with new guidelines coming into effect.

The 5 people who were arrested have been released on bail and will appear before a judge on Monday. Legal experts believe that the case will be dismissed on confusion grounds but the arrests definitely do serve as a wake-up call for people to comply.

Some community members have met the new guidelines with joy. As one community member said, "It's about time they start making some decorum around here! I mean even in the Senate there is a certain dress code and the Tznius police should do their job. We want to see Tznius police on every corner."

While others have met the guidelines with frustration. "Is this the biggest problem in our community?" said one man. "We have a shidduch crisis, we have a tuition crisis, we have a camp crisis and now we need the Tznius police too, it is pure tyranny".

The guidelines are pretty clear but it remains to be seen if any further arrests will take place.

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