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Jewish Man Becomes Wine Sommelier Overnight

A Jewish man has become a wine sommelier overnight. A sommelier is a trained and professional wine steward with a deep and vast knowledge of wines.

The man became a sommelier after having one small sip of some semi-dry wine. Having grown up on a healthy feed of Rashi, Joyvin and Bartenura Moscato, the man felt that it would be way beyond his ability to become a sommelier. But then he had one sip of semi-dry wine and all of a sudden he became the most knowledgeable wine maven in the world.

Friends and family of the man were all quite astounded at the man's incredibly vast knowledge on practically any bottle of wine he so much as set eyes on. The likes of Rashi, Joyvin and other such wines have been eliminated by the new sommelier to the ranks of spiked grape juice. Cabarnets and Pinot Noirs have now taken their place.

Asked whether he intends on using his vast knowledge for professional use, the wine expert answered in their negative. "I prefer to use my extensive wine knowledge as somewhat of a Friday night party trick. I love impressing my friends when I come over with a really incredible $13 bottle of wine, Rashi is like $8 you know.Now when I pick up a bottle of wine, i don't just look at the hechsher but I check the year and the type of grape. Not all grapes are the same. People ask me questions in wine stores because they could see I know what I am talking about when it comes to wine".

The wine sommelier is enjoying his new found stature and said that he hopes to get his hands on a bottle of wine from after 2016 but for now he will enjoy a steady nightly glass full of Jeunesse.

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