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Modi Fires Adviser Who Told Him It Was Yom Kippur

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a historic 3 day visit to Israel. While the visit seems to be going off without any glitches, there is news that Modi has fired one of his top advisers for telling him that he would be arriving in Israel on the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur.

When Modi landed he expected to see everyone dressed in white as he was told is customary on Yom Kippur. Sources say that Modi was rather embarrassed when he stepped off the plane and he was the only one clad in white. Moments later, Modi was seen with his hands clasped and his head slightly bowed and thinking to himself, "Oh my goodness, I should have trusted my gut feel, I knew that today was not Yom Kippur". Modi's saving grace was the blue kippah he had on his head that he quickly stuffed into his pocket to avoid a total fashion faux pas.

Shortly after meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu on the tarmac, Modi inquired as to whether the day was indeed Yom Kippur. Netanyahu stated that it was not, leaving Modi with even further embarrassment. According to statements Netanyahu quelled the shame of the Indian leader by stating that because of Modi's visit, this day certainly is a holy day but not as holy as Yom Kippur because then they would have to cancel their dinner plans.

The adviser who was fired was told to stay on the Indian Prime Minister's jet for the duration of Modi's visit to Israel. This was on condition he remove the sticker on the inside door of the jet and replace it with something a little lesson cartoon like.

When asked for comment, he simply said "You don't want to catch him in a bad Modi".

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