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"Against Halacha" Warning Stops Man From Copying DVD

In overnight breaking news, Schmaltz News has learned that a Brooklyn man was about to copy a Jewish DVD when he saw the "against Halacha" warning on the cover and decided to stop.

At around about midnight the man sat down at his computer to copy the DVDs. He initially obtained the DVDs from a friend for his long traffic filled drive to the Catskills under the pretenses that his kids don't watch videos often anyways and he would therefore return them shortly after returning. The peace and quiet that the DVDs gave him lured him into the thought of simply copying and burning them for his family. When he turned the DVD over, for no apparent reason, he discovered a warning stating that copying the DVD was against Halacha. At that point he stopped.

The man who is remaining anonymous to protect his identity said, "it was a clear sign that I should not copy the DVD the fact that I turned it over. Perhaps DVD makers should put the title of the video in small on the back and the "against Halacha" warning in the front."

The Center for Against Halacha Warnings has said that this is a small victory in battle but the war rages on. There are many people that are not heeding the warning that copying DVD's illegally is against Halacha and are simply copying them anyways.

When asked if more stern warnings need to be issued on the covers of DVD's, the Center for Against Halacha Warnings stated that they had experiments with variations. "Some went down better than others. We had one warning that stated 'If you copy this DVD illegally you are a Gannif L'chol Hadeios', this warning did not sit well with people who purchased the DVD legally".

The Center for Against Halacha Warnings says that they will continue to battle against people that pirate Jewish cds and DVDs.

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