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Developing Story: The 8 Minute Pesach Program

Schmaltz News has learned that KMR has teamed with Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic to offer an outer space Pesach experience. The up side of this incredible endeavor is that due to halachic ramifications on space travel Pesach will last all of 8 minutes. The down side as reported by KMR is that there is growing uncertainty as to where in the shuttle there will be room to set-up the post Pesach chametz buffet.

Branson is excited with the endeavor. "As an outsider and from what I hear people bring like 32 outfits to Pesach programs, so it will definitely be intriguing to see them change outfits about once every 15 seconds".

Noted speakes and chazzonim have already been listed as star attractions on the KMR Virgin Galactic Pesach in Outer Space Experience. The mandate to them is clear, "keep it brief or it will be over before anyone has got their money's worth out of you."

There is a concern that this new venture will diminish attendance at other Pesach programs but Branson and KMR say that they are confident that there is still enough people looking for a traditional pesach experience.

While details of the program are still very up in the air, chefs and kitchen staff have already been notified that the program will be non-gebrokts.

Regular pesach program attendees have said that they would definitely consider the new option and would readily forgo the pool side barbecue for just an 8 minute Pesach.

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