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Man Sits in Assigned Seat On JFK-TLV Flight

In an unprecedented move, a passenger on the JFK to Ben Gurion flight sat in his assigned seat. The passenger who boarded the flight in New York placed his things in the overhead locker above his seat and then sat in his assigned seat. This was much to the surprise of the on-board cabin crew and other passengers.


Media crews were already waiting by the jet bridge in Tel Aviv to welcome the passenger who sat in his assigned seat. The passenger Chris Daniels was ushered quickly into a backroom at Ben Gurion for an eagerly awaiting press at a press conference.

Daniels who spoke humbly of his actions said, "I mean I boarded the plane was told where my seat was and I went to it and I sat down". One journalist who wished to get a little more emotion out of Daniels for his heroic act asked if Daniels intended to sit in his assigned seat on the way back to New York. Daniels who has become somewhat of an overnight Trans-Atlantic media sensation simply shrugged and said, "i guess so".

In flight service coordinator, Tal Morem, also attended the media briefing and said that in his many years of flying the route he had seen many extraordinary things but Daniels' actions would rank right up there with the most outstanding.

El-Al intends to honor Daniels with a dinner reception but not after he has met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other high ranking government officials.

More than anything else, Daniels just wants to enjoy his time in Israel. Locals have said that such actions often underscore a propensity of such individuals to perhaps wait in lines and the like in Israel and at that point Daniels will quickly learn.

For now, Israel will enjoy their visitor who sat in his assigned seat.

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