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Father of Six Finds Seat in His Car

A New York father of six discovered a previously thought to be lost for all eternity seat in the backseat of his mini-van.

The 46 year old father stumbled across the seat when his son alerted him that under the pile of many things sitting on the booster seat, there is probably bound to be a seat.

Many have been calling for the seat to be put into the Museum of Jewish Religious Day-to-Day Experiences but the owner of the seat says that for now he is actually pleased to have the seat back.

Asked whether he intended to have the seat used for it's conventional use of having a person sit in it, he said that he had no such plans. The car seat would act as a place to put the shopping bags for now as the trunk is currently occupied by stuff and things that should have been removed a number of months ago.

Buoyed by the find of the new seat in the back, the New York man is optimistic that there are perhaps other seats in the van that he has forgotten about. He does not intend to look for them though as it would deny him the thrill of stumbling upon them.

It is not certain whether the current seat will be visible for that long, but for now, this New York family is just happy to have their seat back.

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