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Confused Man Spells Shabbos with an "i"

The Schmlatz has discovered evidence of a confused man who spelled shabbos with an "i" as in Shabbis.

The grave error was discovered when sending a text to his wife. The full length of the text read "Are we inviting guests for Shabbis?"

People on the street who heard of the mistake were in shock. One very animated neighbor said " Shabbis, Shabbis who spells it like that?! everyone knows that it is Shabbos!"

Droves of people and media crews were seen gathering late Friday afternoon near the house of the confused man. One media outlet managed to maintain a written statement but was not given access to an interview.

The statement read, "I am very sorry for spelling shabbos with an "i", it was unintentional and done in a moment of absolute brain fade and confusion.".

While some members of the public have accepted the apology, others are skeptical of the sincerity.

Mood and tone expert Jack Segal has said that the apology statement does not take enough responsibility for the misstep.

One member of the public perhaps summed up the situation best when he said, " If he was having guests for Shabbos, he is probably not having them now".

Either which way people will learn from this that there is no "i" in Shabbos.

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