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Family Decides to Take Early Shabbos

After a never ending back and forth on Friday morning stretching into early Friday afternoon, a family has decided to take in a summer Shabbos early.

People walking home on early Shabbos, photo taken by someone taking late shabbos with a heter of the Kushner's Rabbi

This was not without some consternation from some family members who wanted to be able to drive around the neighborhood as they watched other people walking home from shul.

A family member, who has chosen to remain anonymous, stated that the decision was made by the father of the house who wanted to eat seudas shabbos, read Hamodia and The Jewish Press and still be in bed before 10 PM on Friday Night.

When asked for comment, the father said that while the decision was tough, it was the necessary one as once Friday night passes Hamodia and The Jewish Press are simply not the same.

The long term ramifications of the family taking early shabbos are hard to tell.

The Rabbi of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump was asked to comment on the matter. He stated that Jared and Ivanka frequently take early Shabbos when the President comes over. They have even been known to serve the President's favorite Pretzel Challah and Gefilte Fish on a Tuesday at the President's request.

Despite taking early shabbos, the family still intends to argue over whether to become fleishig by daytime seudas shabbos.

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