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Camp Almoini Announces Arts and Crafts Director

After sorting through many resumes, the director of Camp Almoini has announced the appointment of the summer's arts and crafts director.

"It was tough to find the perfect fit as most staff position applicants don't want to be the arts and crafts director", said the director.

Asked about the criteria as to who would make the perfect arts and crafts director, the camp director stated that they have to have good Pinterest skills and know how to make many useless shabbos table ornaments with popsicle sticks.

The new arts and crafts director is excited about the appointment and excited to oversee the hours of camp where there is simply nothing else to do other than arts and crafts.

Parents and campers too have expressed their joy at the appointment of a talented and industrious Arts and Crafts Director. One parent who was interviewed said quite unequivocally, "it is not a glamorous job like head counselor or head lifeguard but it is an important opportunity for somebody who otherwise would be on the waiting list to be an assistant to the night activity director".

Campers are also looking forward to arts and craft and finding new ways to use glue guns and other art supplies improperly.

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